ClinDatrix has licensed nQuery Advisor + nTerim software for providing statistical sample size and power calculations.


  • nQuery Advisor + nTerim is trusted by the top 50 Pharma and Biotech companies worldwide to calculate sample size. Hundreds of clinical trials have been approved by leading regulatory agencies when nQuery Advisor was used to calculate sample size.
  • All of nQuery Advisor + nTerim’s sample size calculation tables have been rigorously tested and validated over many years to ensure that your sample size is accurate and dependable.
  • nQuery Advisor + nTerim, the leading solution for sample size and power calculations for both fixed and group sequential designs allows you to:
  • Calculate sample size and power for Means, Proportions, Agreement, Regression, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric Test, etc.
  • Get assistance with the standard deviation and effect size information you need to make sample size and power analysis computations.
  • Generate randomization lists for your studies for simple, advanced and complex designs
For more information on nQuery, see Statistical Solutions.