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ClinDatrix has formed a global consortium with eight other CROs from around the world to support pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients with their multinational clinical trials. From our headquarters in California, we support our clients, and the other members of our consortium, with our full suite of clinical research services and technology tools.

For multinational studies, we provide project management, medical safety, data management, statistics, medical writing, regulatory affairs and quality assurance services from ClinDatrix headquarters in California. We sub-contract to our affiliated CROs for clinical project management and monitoring expertise in the languages and cultures of their countries. Their in-depth understanding of local processes and regulations helps us better serve study sponsors, investigator site staffs, and study participants. Collaborating with CROs known for their exemplary services enables us to help our clients ensure the successful completion of their studies and the integrity of their study data.

For example, ClinDatrix works with DOKUMEDS, a company with an excellent track record in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.


For Western Europe, we are partnered with Venn Life Sciences who have offices in Dublin, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France.


In Japan, our partner is DOT International. DOT has built an excellent network of scientific investigators throughout Japan and has successfully managed submissions to the PMDA.


OnQ Research is our partner in South Africa with a broad reach managing large trials throughout all of Africa.


Research & Development is our partner in Argentina with expertise to cover Central and South America.


IPSUM is our partner in Columbia which has recently streamlined approval regulations for clinical trials to less than 60 days or 30 days for medical devices.


For Asia Pacific, our partner is ClinActis, with its head office in Singapore and offices in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They have a local presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Viet Nam, Indonesia and Australia.


Q-Trials is our partner in Israel, providing a high quality service with a small elite team.

IMAGEIQ, a Cleveland Clinic Innovations company, is an imaging CRO and Core Lab. It’s staff and technology support all facets of imaging, image analysis and image management in preclinical research and clinical trials, comprising services such as imaging modality selection, protocol development and validation, imaging phantom creation and deployment, site training, site qualification, imaging-enabled electronic data capture (EDCIQ), project management, expert-based (e.g., radiologist, pathologist, etc.) image reads, and customized quantitative software-based image processing and analysis.

ClinServ and ClinFo 1T are full service partners headquartered in Beirut covering the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Persian countries.







Q2 Business Intelligence is a partner for China. They have an office in Princeton, NJ staffed with fully bilingual professionals and three offices in China. Their USA presence with bilingual staff makes them an ideal partner for collaboration with China, either for USA trials in China or Chinese trials in the USA.



Several members of our staff also are bilingual. Among languages spoken fluently at ClinDatrix are English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Khmer (Cambodian) and Pilipino (Tagalog).