ClinDatrix recognizes how critical it is to protect our clients’ data and to sustain their trust. We have selected and built out our facility to ensure the physical safety of the data entrusted to us and the confidence of our stakeholders in our capabilities.


Our operations are housed in a 16,000-square-foot facility in Irvine, CA, “America’s Safest City.” The building is owned and maintained by the Irvine Company, which also provides security to the surrounding office park.

ClinDatrix assures the safety and security of its offices, file room and servers via SOPs as well as strict company practices. Data and other crucial documents are safely stored in our central file room, which is kept locked at all times when unoccupied. Only employees authorized by the President and CEO have access to the Central File room, and the Vice President of IT or designee is the only person authorized to carry a key to open the media safe.

We also maintain a secure server room, which is kept locked when unoccupied. Only the Vice President of IT or designee and the Manager of Administration are authorized to access the server room. This room has a dedicated high powered air conditioner that maintains the room temperature at 68oF at all times, even when the building air conditioning is off.

Integral to our disaster recovery plan is our disaster recovery site. Located 230 miles away in Las Vegas, NV, it is housed in a SOC/SSAE16 Type 2 datacenter wherein ClinDatrix owns the servers. Our disaster recovery procedure is rehearsed three times per year with a recovery time objective of eight hours, assuming that the Irvine facility became totally unavailable. ClinDatrix employees are able to log in from their home offices to the disaster recovery center in case of a full disaster.


The ClinDatrix staff includes about 25 full-time employees and approximately 20 independent contractors. Together, they provide all of the specialty services necessary to deliver quality CRO services. Further, we have established global affiliations to serve our clients everywhere their clinical studies take them.